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You Are On Your Way To Weight Loss Success – Final Thoughts

Well, you are ten days into your weight loss plan and you have been doing a great job. From here on, your weight loss success will depend on you and your actions you’ll take and the habits you will develop.

Today we’ll re-cap everything you’ve learned and applied thus far and I’ll provide you with additional tips and suggestions to help you ensure that this time, unlike the other times, you are going to be successful at losing weight and that you will keep the weight off.

Recipe For Weight Loss Success – Recap



You need to believe in your self. Your mental attitude has a lot to do with your weight loss success for now and in the future.

Always have a positive mindset! The affirmations and visualization techniques we talked about on days 1 and 2, respectively, are going to help you greatly. As a matter of fact, you can affirm and visualize whenever you want something in your life to manifest. It does not only have to be about losing weight.

Telling yourself you ‘can’ do something strengthens your inner belief. Think positively about yourself and know that you can do this. You deserve to lose the weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

Keeping Records

On day 3 we talked about keeping a journal. The journal will not only help you mind what you put in your mouth, it will also help you understand your ups, and downs and how you react to your mood swings. If your emotional downs drive you to snack on unhealthy foods, by seeing it written in your journal will help you overcome it.

It makes a whale of a difference to write in the journal “I was feeling miserable but instead of a few chocolate chip cookies I ate a bowl of strawberries” instead of “I was feeling miserable, so I ate a few chocolate chip cookies”. When you overcome your desire to stuff yourself with an unhealthy comfort food and you consciously replace it with something healthy, you become really proud of yourself and the “down” feeling often disappears. Doing something “good and healthy” for yourself has  a very positive emotional effect on you.

Improved Eating & Drinking Habits

By now you have had a few days after you began to eliminate unnecessary sugar from your diet and replaced sodas and juices with water. Both of these changes, will not only help you lose weight, but should be feeling more energized and less sluggish. And when you’ll look in the mirror you should begin to see a nice glow to your skin. Both, too much sugar and not enough water are detrimental to your complexion.


Eating Enough Fiber

If you are not used to eating enough fiber, introduce fiber slowly into your diet otherwise you may feel bloated. Interestingly, it is quite an undertaking to fulfill the daily requirements of fiber, especially if you do not want to eat too much sugar from fruits.

I have prepared a list of foods which are high in fiber. To vary your menu, go through the list. The best is to print out this list and post it on your fridge or keep it in your journal so you can use it anytime.


I bet you are feeling a little sore after the awesome cardio workout I recommended on day 8. Since we are only on day 10 of the weight loss plan, you only did those exercises 2 days ago. I’d love to know if you liked them.

Remember consistency is a key to weight loss success. Make sure that you exercise regularly.

At some point you may find that your weight may not budge, despite your cardio exercises. Often the reason for that is that as you are losing fat you are also losing metabolism-boosting muscle. As your metabolism slows down, so will your weight loss. When you come to this point it is a good idea to add some other muscle building exercises to your exercise routine.


It is very important to keep the stress out of your life. I know that sometimes it is easier said than done. The lists of ways to de-stress is another list you should print and keep within your reach anytime.

I believe though that as you will begin to visualize and affirm you will become more relaxed and stress may not be a big issue to you. When you relax you can handle many potential stressors in your life.

A Few Tips For Lasting Weight Loss Success

Think of your efforts to lose weight as a healthy living and healthy eating adventure not as some “dieting” chore. Really, when you think about it, you are not going to be dieting. You are only going to eat healthier.

Be adventurous and spend some time looking for new recipes to try out. Some of the recipes of the Mediterranean diet (as in a way of eating, not as in a way of dieting) are really scrumptious, healthy and often low in calories.

Be conscious of your calorie consumption. Especially at the beginning you really need to acquaint yourself with the calorie content of foods you like to eat. As I mentioned to you on day 1 of the plan, use one of our calculators to determine how many calories you need to consume to lose weight and subsequently, how many calories you need to take in to sustain your weight.

Eat a variety of foods. Variety is good for a healthy metabolism. Next time you are at a grocery store pick up a new fruit or vegetable. Sometimes it is difficult to introduce new foods to your family, especially children. Allow your children to help you make dinner with the new veggies and make it fun for them. Interestingly, when children are involved in making dinner, they will readily eat what they helped you cook, even if it is a new vegetable.

Get support from your family and friends. Having support and help from your family and friends will go a long way to helping you achieve your goals. They will know when you are having a bad day and can offer support and encouragement to keep you going.

In conclusion, although you will meet roadblocks on your weight loss journey, you are now well equipped to deal with them. I know that if you’ll follow the plan you will see great results. You will lose weight. Your results will be your motivator. You will not only drop the weight, you will also lose inches. Slowly your clothes will begin to feel loser until you get to the point of having to buy new clothes (and that is a good thing).

But sometimes the scales will not budge each week. Don’t become discouraged, rather, keep pushing ahead. Weight loss does invariably slow down but you will reach your goals in the end.

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