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Weight Loss Visualization Techniques – Weight Loss Plan Day 3

Day 3 of the weight loss plan concentrates on weight loss visualization techniques. In essence, today’s tip is about picturing, or imagining how you want to end up looking. If you visualize the way you will look it will help you reach your goal of losing weight more easily and effectively.

Visualization is a technique of using your imagination to create or to attain what you want in life. There is nothing new about this process. It is not strange, unusual or magical. As a matter of fact you are already visualizing every minute of your day. It is your natural power of imagination, the basic creative energy of the universe, which you use constantly, whether or not you are aware of it.

Imagination is our ability to create an idea, mental picture or a feeling sense of something. You use your imagination to create a clear picture, idea or a feeling of something you want to manifest.

weight loss visualization techniques

During weight loss visualization you picture yourself in your skinny jeans, or eating healthy, losing weight, loving your exercises and so on. When you continue to focus on these images, ideas or feelings regularly, you are giving them positive energy and eventually they will become a reality. In other words, eventually you will achieve what you want and in this case, loss of inches and pounds.

Now don’t take me wrong, weight loss visualization alone is not going to make your weight disappear. However, visualizing regularly will drive you to go after your goals relentlessly. What you will find is that losing weight will not feel like some sort of a drudgery. On the contrary, you will feel a lot of excitement and an innate desire to push on.

During the weight loss visualizing process, always remember that losing weight is not a short term goal. Even though you may want to quickly drop a few pounds and inches for an upcoming event, long term weight loss is your aim.

If you remind yourself about how great and deserving you are, and visualize how you will look, your new routine will turn into a daily habit without you thinking about being on a diet anymore.

Some people like to find a picture of someone to put on their fridge, you can do this too if you like. But my best tip for you is to lie in bed at night and think about how you will look when you drop those pounds.

Initially, some people have a bit of a trouble to visualize. If you are having difficulty visualizing, be patient eventually the images and the feelings will come to you. Usually a lack of success to visualize, is because we are too anxious and we are trying to hard or even we are to excited and unable to concentrate on the visualization process at all. Be patient!


Here are a few ideas for weight loss visualization.

Imagine yourself dressed in a pair of shorts walking confidently on a beach. Or that you are dressed in a beautiful dress getting ready to go to a function. Picture yourself looking happy and content.

If your goal is to hike up a mountain trail with your spouse or a friend, then envision this each night. You and your spouse dressed in hiking gear trekking up a mountain having a great time…

Do this each day and you will truly start believing in your ability to reach your goals.

Although weight loss visualization is simple to do, you may be struggling with it. If that’s the case I would like to recommend that you read a book by Shakti Gawain called Creative Visualization. There are other books on this topic and I read many of them. Creative Visualization is my personal favorite because it is very simple and well written. You can get it at or likely in any other bookstore.

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