Weight Loss Plan – First 10 Days


weight loss plan first 10 days

Today you have made a decision which will affect the rest of your life.  You have decided to lose weight. To help, I have devised a 10 day weight loss plan which aims at helping you to get a great start and to set you on the way to success.

The reason I decided to create this weight loss plan is because, although the choice to lose weight is a smart move, it can be a difficult and sometimes a lonely process to go through.

For 10 days the plan will provide you with daily help and motivation to get a solid start and set you on the right course for your weight loss journey. Make sure to bookmark this page to follow the plan. Just click on the blue link to read the daily weight loss plan instruction.

Weight Loss Plan – 1st 10 Days – Index


Day 1 First Things First…

At the beginning of the weight loss plan you have to go over a few things you’ll need to know before you embark on your weight loss journey…

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Day 2 Weight Loss Affirmations

Choose a few weight loss affirmations and post them on your bathroom mirror and fridge. Read them aloud when you feel like deviating from the plan…

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Day 3 Weight Loss Visualization Techniques

By visualizing how you want to end up looking will help you attain your weight loss goals easily…

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Day 4Keeping A Weight Loss Journal

Keeping a weight loss journal will make it easier for you to lose weight. Learn why it’s a good idea to keep a weight loss journal and what to record in it…

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Day 5 Drinking Water For Weight Loss

Today you will put into practice a new habit which will make a huge impact on your success of losing weight. I am talking about drinking water. So go ahead and grab a bottle of water before you read on…

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Day 6Why You Need To Reduce Sugar In Your Diet

Today you’ll learn why you need to reduce sugar in your diet. Reducing sugar is a vital step for weight loss and better health. If you are like most people you eat too much sugar and you don’t even know it…

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Day 7Introducing The Magic Of Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is essential not only for our well being but also for keeping our weight in check. If you are like most people you are not eating enough fiber and to lose weight, fiber may be your magic bullet…

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Day 8 Introducing An Easy Yet Effective Cardio Workout

The topic of today is “Cardio Workout For Weight Loss”. You are going to start exercising, if you are not doing it already…

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Day 9Simple Ways To Reduce Stress

We all have to learn ways to reduce stress to cope with many life situations. The techniques discussed in the plan, will help you address and manage the stresses in your life…

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Day 10Conclusion of the 10 day weight loss plan

On this final day of the weight loss plan we’ll re-cap all you’ve learned thus far, plus I’ll give you additional tips to set you on your way to weight loss success.

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For the best results don’t rush the days of the weight loss plan. In other words don’t try to start all the days at the same time. Really give this weight loss plan 10 days for the best results. I truly believe you need time to adjust your thinking. These 10 days will give you plenty of time.

Don’t forget… I would love to hear your weight loss story. I might even publish it on my blog. Let me know if this weight loss plan was of help to you.


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