weight loss plan day 2

Weight Loss Affirmations – Weight Loss Plan Day 2

On day 2 of the weight loss plan find a few weight loss affirmations, print them on sticky notes and post them on your bathroom mirror and your fridge. This is the first step of your journey to lose weight. Read them out loud anytime you feel like deviating from your plan.

Affirmations are thoughts that you consciously plant in your subconscious mind in order to manifest them in your everyday life and in your body.

Thoughts are very powerful. The weight loss affirmations are your “weight loss thoughts”. Say them several times throughout the day. You can say them aloud or you can say them silently.

It is important to mention that to be effective, affirming needs to be in present tense, positive, personal and specific.


10 Examples of Weight Loss Affirmations

a list of weight loss affirmations


  1. I am feeling thinner today
  2. I love the feeling of making progress
  3. My body is getting stronger, slimmer and healthier every day
  4. I am losing inches effortlessly and easily
  5. I have a fast metabolism
  6. I eat only what I need
  7. I love veggies
  8. I maintain a healthy weight
  9. Exercising makes me feel good
  10. Water is my favorite drink

You may use the suggestions I supplied. Or, if you feel creative you can always write your own. Just make sure they are positive reinforcements.

Even though some of these affirming sayings may sound silly to you because you have not achieved progress yet and you feel uncomfortable saying them… stick with them. In time you will find that they give you a positive outlook and will help you achieve your goal. The more you say them, the more you will come to believe in these positive weight loss affirmations and yourself.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more helpful advice and tips to help you stay on track.

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