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Different Types Of Weight Loss Diets – Overview

A barrage of different types of weight loss diets were developed over the years. And why not? Overweight is rampant in North America. As a result, the dieting product market is a multi-billion industry. Most of these dieting products promise to magically eradicate fat and pounds off your body.

Some of the types of diets you come across are sensible others are bizarre, and some are outright dangerous. It’s truly a difficult task for anyone to choose the right dieting program.

This article offers an overview at some of the different types of weight loss diets you will commonly find online and in the bookstores.

Some Of The Main Types Of Weight Loss Diets You’ll Come Across

The types of different approaches to dieting listed below are placed in a random order not in an order of my preference. The list of the types of programss is only my attempt to show you an example of what is available to you. You have to do your own due diligence when it comes to picking out a dieting program that will suit you.


High protein diets for weight loss – sometimes also referred to as low-carb, these types of diets are very popular because fat and weight loss occur very rapidly without feeling hungry.The authors of the different types high protein approaches generally recommend that dieters get 30 – 50%t their calories from protein, up to 30% fat and the rest from carbohydrates. The strictest high protein regimen limits carbohydrate intake to as low as 20%.  Types of foods like cereals, grains, fruits, and many vegetables are often they severely restricted.

Although these eating regimens may produce very good results, dieters often find they they are not able to sustain such strict types of restrictions long term.

The most commonly recognized high protein approach is the Atkins diet( affiliate link),  but even this organization has re-thought their approach and recently modified it to include more of the healthy types of carbohydrates.

Learn why this dietary “restriction” cannot work long term.

Low fat diets – the craze began following Ancel Keys correlative study of mortality from heart disease and fat consumption. His study was so revered that eventually American Heart Association adopted his principles and for years suggested we need to eliminate fats from our diet. In recent years a vast amount of research indicates that our notion about consumption of fats is totally wrong. ( Yet to date the AHA recommends very low fat intake.)

Fats are important and must be included in our meals. The low-fat guidelines were and continue to be wrong. Yes, the bad fats must be eliminated and replaced by good fats, but fats must play a prominent role in our nutrition.

Detox diets for weight loss – detoxing really means getting rid of the harmful toxins and pollutants in your body and your diet. Many of these toxins contribute to your sluggishness, cravings and inability to manage your waist.

There are many types of detoxes, and likely when you hear the word “detox” you begin to think of various types of weird foods you need to eat and various types of unpleasant and invasive procedures you have to undergo. But most weight loss detoxes are not suggesting drastic measures. They simply recommend that you get rid of the harmful foods and replace them with healthy types of foods, including herbs, which not only have cleansing properties but are full of healthy nutrients.


Weight loss diets for women – often women do not lose weight as fast as men do. Did you ever notice that? The main difference between men and women are their hormones. The different types of hormones in women play an important role in the way we respond to dieting. As well, some of the hormones or related factors may appear at different stages of woman’s life and these factors may determine whether we gain weight.

You might have noticed a sudden influx of gluten free weight loss diets on the market. The targeted audience is women. These types of plans were developed in response to the observation that many perimenopausal women began to develop a sensitivity to gluten.  As a result they gained weight. Well, men did not have this problem.

The other misbehaving chemical in our bodies is the hormone leptin. It is the culprit that is responsible for the weight gain in women. It controls hunger, metabolism and our ability to burn fat. Well, leptin works very differently in men than it does in women. Because of this difference, men can lose weight much more quickly then women can.

Find out more about this topic.

Quick weight loss diets – there are no magic potions that will help you lose weight fast and keep it off. Depending on how heavy you are, slimming down is a slow and steady process over a fairly long time.

Having said that, most types of fast-acting solutions, will help you shed pounds and trim inches quickly, short term. Practically all slimming down can be attributed to the loss of water, and it is only a temporary state.

Based on my own experience, I have put together a quick weight loss diet to be used for emergency situations. It is a very sensible and healthy one day eating plan to help you lose pounds and inches quickly. Only to be used when you are in dire straights, otherwise this approach will lose its effectiveness. I’ve tried it and it works! And, did I mention that it is free? 

Learn more about this little secret of mine.

Crazy or weird diets – there are or used to be so many types of bizarre recommendations related to dieting, I have decided to create a separate category for such topics. You won’t believe what people will go through to lose pounds and body fat. In the following articles I will tell you about such weirdness as a painful tongue patch diet, cabbage soup diet, tapeworm diet (seriously) and minimalist or art of living long diet and so much more. By the way, have you ever thought of cotton balls as a weight loss tool? Hmmm… As soon as those articles are published I’ll place a link here to them.

Most of the popular types of weight loss diets of today belong to one of the approaches I discussed. Of course, there are other dieting programs people like, such as the Mediterranean and vegetarian eating plans, but they are more of a lifestyle change rather than a slimming program.  Under each section above, I provided you a link to an expanded version of each diet group. Please take advantage of the links.


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