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Types Of Foods For Weight Loss To Help You Shed Pounds Fast

The basis of successful weight loss is healthy eating and physical activity. Even though it sounds like a no brainer, changing your lifestyle is not the same as changing your outfit. To help you start with a bang and shed those pounds and inches fast, you can pick some specifically good foods for weight loss which will do a little of the work for you. As well, you will need to immediately avoid the foods that are really bad for your weight.

Almost every diet that you pick up will give you the author’s own view on foods which are supposed to help you lose weight. And, it varies from diet to diet. In the end, there is only confusion. High fiber, superfoods, nutrient rich, gluten free, protein, low glycemic, are just some of the words or phrases often used to typify foods for “weight loss“. They all are very powerful. But where do you start?

I’ll give you a run down on some of these foods. In addition, if you’ll explore each food category further and add some of nutrients mentioned to your current diet there is a great chance that you will lose weight successfully.


However, you’ll have to make your own own choice with respect to the foods and choose ones that are healthy, fulfilling and ones that will work with your palate. For example, even though broccoli is one of the top foods for weight loss, if you hate it, there is no sense including it in your diet.


Types Of Good Foods For Weight Loss You May Come Across

Below you will find a short summary of different types of weight loss foods. Each summary is linked to an article that talks about these foods in more detail. Click on the link to read the article so that you can make an easier decision of what is suitable for you.


High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss

fiber rich foodsIt found in plants. Dietary fiber is the type of fiber you can eat. But fiber is very a “misunderstood” nutrient. Despite its healthful effects, most people do not eat enough of it. Fiber fills up your stomach and promotes satiety without actually contributing any calories to the body’s metabolism. For slimming down, fiber is a must!

There are a lot of yummy high fiber foods. Some of them are whole grains, many vegetables, legumes, some fruits and nuts. Oats, barley, beans, lentils, broccoli, pears, blackberries, raspberries are just a few examples of excellent sources of fiber. Continue reading


Superfoods For Weight Loss

superfoods to lose weight“Superfoods” is a term that is sometimes used to describe foods that are high in health promoting nutrients and in phytochemicals which help prevent many diseases, including cancer.

In addition, superfoods are also known to help you manage your weight as they prevent fat storage and in turn aid in weight loss.

The most powerful superfoods are referred to as G-Bombs (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries and seeds). Continue reading


Protein Foods For Weight Loss

protein rich foodsSome diets are protein based, that is they suggest that you limit the intake of carbohydrates. Protein foods are the main staples of the diet. These diets fell out of favor in recent years because they were simply not sustainable. Protein is essential to our survival and it is found both in meats and some legumes.

Several protein foods are bad for our diet and health because they often also contain a lot of fat. But some, can definitely help you lose weight and are essential for your health. For example, eggs are an excellent source of protein are only 70 calories. You will need to select a variety of protein containing staples to improve nutrient intake and health benefits.


Gluten Free Foods For Weight Loss

gluten free foods for weight lossBelieve it or not but many perimenopausal women develop sensitivity to gluten as hormonal changes are creating havoc in their bodies. One common result of this sensitivity to gluten weight gain.

Sensitivity to gluten is a recently discovered phenomenon and you may have noticed that in recent years many supermarkets are including gluten free foods on their shelves. As a matter of fact, a lot of foods that naturally do not contain gluten are labeled as gluten free. They may cost more just because of the label, so be aware. Because of this new popularity, many gluten free cook books have made the best selling lists.


Nutrient Rich Foods For Weight Loss

nutrient rich foodsMost likely you have not heard of these, but I have included them here because I honestly feel you should find out more about them. DR. Fuhrman is a well respected expert on micronutrient foods (including nutrient rich foods) and an author of several books including his bestseller, Eat To Live Well.

I will be talking more about micronutrients and nutrient rich foods and weight loss because these foods not only will help you lose weight they will also contribute to the prevention of major diseases including heart disease, strokes and cancers. As well diet rich in these foods is known to help many patients with autoimmune diseases.


Low Glycemic Foods for Weight Loss

low glycemic index foodsGlycemic Index (GI) is also a relative newcomer when it comes to losing weight. Briefly, the index is based on how quickly a body converts carbohydrates to sugar, namely glucose. High speed of conversion will result in weight gain. Low rate of conversion helps to keep your waist small and your body slim.

Based on these events, carbohydrate foods can be separated into two groups: good or bad carbohydrates. The good carbohydrates have a low GI and the bad carbohydrates have a high GI. For weight loss you want to eat foods with low glycemic index (low GI). Continue reading


Spices For Weight Loss

spices to slim downWe usually do not think of spices as food, but they are. Usually derived from plants they are primarily added to dishes to enhance the flavor.

Most families, typically use very few spices and certainly not the ones that contribute to our waist management. Spicy foods can curb appetite, speed up metabolism and even burn fat. In addition, some of the spices improve unhealthy cholesterol levels naturally.

The problem is that many of these healthful spices are pretty hot to taste, for example cayenne pepper. Yet it is very worthwhile for you to get acquainted with them. Begin with baby steps and eventually your palate will get used to them. So go for it and spice up your diet for a slimmer you! Continue here


Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss

food not to eatI left this category for last because I am sure that deep inside you are fully aware of foods that are not good for you. Sugar, fast food, fatty foods, soft drinks and even juices are just some of the common foods we need to avoid to keep our waists managed.

More than 70% of Americans, including children are overweight or obese. It has to stop or else the health consequences will be dire. Actually they are already. Please read the article on the top 10 food to avoid if you want to lose weight and remain healthy.

In conclusion, the list of different types of foods for weight loss in this article only summarizes the choices available to you. Make sure to read the articles that fully explain each concept and provide you with a complete list of foods in each category.

There is a multitude of healthy weight loss foods around and some you probably never even tried or heard of. You will definitely need try to expand your dietary horizon as you’ll embrace healthy eating. It will be a gradual process, but I can guarantee you that you will have fun. Some of the less known foods are outright delicious. Please leave a comment. I’d love to hear your feedback.


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