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Top 5 Weight Loss Motivation Tips

To do anything well and continue to do well we need to be inspired and motivated. Weight loss is no different. You need to be motivated to lose weight and likely you need to be motivated throughout your life to keep the weight off permanently. At times, to sustain the momentum to lose weight may prove difficult. Your everyday life and everyday responsibilities may stress you out and drag you down. In this article I share with you top 5 weight loss motivation tips  to apply to your weight loss plan and to help you keep the momentum going.

Print them and post them on your fridge or a bathroom mirror. Read them consciously every morning to help you get inspired and motivated. It would also help if you print them on small cards. Keep those in your wallet, purse or a pocket. Whenever in doubt they will be easily accessible for you to read them and to reinforce you.

5 Motivational Tips To Lose Weight Or Maintain Your Weight Loss

Motivation Tip 1: Reassess the reason(s) why you wanted to lose weight in the first place. List every reason that led you to your decision to embark on this journey. They may have been frivolous such as fitting in your skinny jeans again. They may have been serious such as your health issues. It does not matter, all reasons are valid. Have this list in plain site and read it often.

When you are going through your reasons, stop for a moment and try to remember. For example, if  you went on the diet to lose weight because of health concerns, do you remember how you felt at the beginning. Now that you are well into your program you might have lost 10 – 20 pounds. Do you feel better? Do you have more energy? Is it easier to climb those stairs? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, persevere. You are doing an amazing job!

when you want to quit think why you started


Motivation Tip 2: Make sure that you are never hungry. Hunger is a major reason why many people abandon their weight loss programs. Eat 5 to 6 meals per day if you have to and do not go under 1200 calories. Do not even consider restrictive diets such as low carbs or low protein diets. They are not sustainable and you are asking for trouble.

Also make sure to eat plenty of slow-release energy foods which keep your hunger in check. Eat protein with every meal together with some “good carbs“, such as vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grain and nuts.

Also remember that sometimes our brains mistaken hunger for thirst. Providing you are not starving yourself, have a glass of water when “hunger” strikes. If you were only thirsty your “hunger pangs” will disappear.

Motivation Tip 3: Indulge  in “forbidden” foods once in a while. The biggest mistake many dieters make is to vow never to eat any of the foods they used to love, the foods that contributed to their weight gain. Many people fail because they miss their favorite foods. Often it is some sweet desert.

Don’t try to be perfect or a self imposed dictator. Eat sensibly most of the time and if once in a while you’ll slide, so be it. Even the thin and healthy people eat the wrong kinds of foods now and then.

Cheat once in a while. Eat your favorite food and absolutely do not feel guilty about it. Just make sure that you do not overdo it. Consider it a reward for all your efforts. If you feel guilty about it then go for a brisk walk or do some household chores that require moving to get rid of the calories you consumed.

Motivation Tip 4: Aim for success. Believe in success. Live success. This may sound strange to you but the most powerful way to achieve anything in life is believing that it is yours already. The following visualization exercise which will take you only about 5 minutes, will help you. If you have time in the morning do it then, but if not do it anytime.

Sit in a comfortable chair with your back supported. Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Visualize yourself as you want to be, slimmer in your skinny jeans or your favorite outfit, healthier and happier. Keep this up for about 5 minutes and don’t worry if you can’t keep that vision, eventually you will learn. (If you want, you can extend the time to even 20 minutes). Slowly open your eyes. That’s it. You will feel very energized and very peaceful about the whole process of losing weight.

Motivation Tip 5: Read inspirational stories of people who lost weight. Most of us enjoy reading success stories because it gives us hope and it motivates us. You can find many such stories online. Recently I noticed that CNN and other large online media outfits have started reporting weight loss inspirational stories. At CNN the editor actually asks the readers to share their stories for a chance to be featured.

As well, there are reality shows on TV, such as The Biggest Loser, that show the progress of the contestants or participants. Some of the stories are amazing and sometimes even heart wrenching when the real cause of the weight gain is shared.

In summary,  many people give up too easily when the task becomes more difficult than what they initially thought it would be. Losing weight is not easy and the process often becomes frustrating. To keep the momentum going and not to give up you must always remember why you decided to lose weight. You have to make an effort to keep the momentum alive. It takes time and perseverance. Hopefully the 5 weight loss motivational tips I shared here will help you stay focused.


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