Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet Infographic – A Colorful Overview

Once again the Mediterranean diet is making headlines in the news.

The reason for all the “renewed interest” is that a number of scientific studies (1, 2) have been recently published which promote a whole food approach and an active lifestyle modeled on the Mediterranean diet practiced on the island of Crete and surrounding geographical area.

For years it has been known that this diet comes with tremendous health benefits, particularly as it relates to cardiovascular diseases and the metabolic syndrome.

The important aspects of the Mediterranean diet is not only the food but it is also the lifestyle which is filled with activity.

The Mediterranean diet infographic offers you a brief overview of what all this buzz is about.


The Mediterranean Diet Overview – Infographic


Mediterranean Diet For Weight Loss

To help you learn more about the wonderful diet  and a lifestyle I wrote a couple of articles that are more detailed in explaining the Mediterranean diet origin, foods that are part of this diet and the specific health benefits that are attributed to the Mediterranean diet.



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