The Biggest Loser Winner Rachel Frederickson – Is She A Winner Or A Loser

It is hard to decide if Rachel Frederickson, the crowned winner of Season 15 The Biggest Loser, is a winner or a loser. At a height of only 5’4″ she weighed in at only 105 pounds at the finale. That is a loss of 155 pounds and nearly 60% of her original weight.

I was shocked to see her when she entered the stage. She was barely recognizable. She looked aged, gaunt and frail, her face hardly visible from under the crown of her hair.  The atmosphere at the stage became almost eery when she entered. Jillian Michaels has been heard whispering “oh my God…”oh my god”… Other trainers and fellow contestants were equally shocked.

Even the audience responded to Rachel with a shock. The applause was not that of jubilation. It was  subdued as if saying “what have you done Rachel”.

Biggest Loser Rachel Frederickson before and after

At 105 lbs, her BMI value is only 18, slightly under a “normal range” from anywhere between 18.5 and 24.9. However, this measurement does not take into account the muscle mass or bone density  of athletes. Typically, a short, muscular and a healthy athlete would show a significantly higher BMI. Given that Rachel is an athlete and muscular she is grossly underweight.

Her appearance left me wondering.

Where was the show’s doctor. According to the show the contestants are monitored during their journey. No doctor in his right mind should endorse such a drastic weight loss.

The Biggest Loser show is supposed to be about helping Americans transform themselves from unhealthy overweight individuals to healthy people who embrace fitness and healthy eating as their new way of life. Rachel did not look healthy. She looked sick and week. She evened faltered when she went up the stairs on to the scale. I cannot imagine that this would be the message the show wants to send its audience.

It is my opinion that this nearly anorexic Rachel Frederickson is not a winner. True she won the grand price, but if her appearance truly signifies what she has become then she is a loser. She only learned to go from one extreme to another. To me it does not look that she embraced what The Biggest Loser show tries to promote, namely healthy living.


Through Rachel Frederickson, Season 15 of The Biggest Loser show failed miserably. We can only hope that the producers of the show will never let this happen again.


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