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Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Exercises You Can Do With Your Baby

Many new moms may still look pregnant even some time after giving birth. This is absolutely normal. During your pregnancy you not only carried your baby but you have gained weight to nourish the fetus and your body acquired a new shape to accommodate it. It will take a few months to get your body and your weight back to the pre-pregnancy state. In this article I’ll share a video on post pregnancy weight loss exercises you can do while holding your infant in your arms. They will be fun for you as well as for your new treasure.

Although your body will start working on its own to shrink the tummy area, the total loss of your belly will take time. Providing that you get the approval from your doctor, you can begin to exercise to speed up the process.

The problem is, that a newborn (as lovable as she is) will turn your life upside down and you will find yourself busier than you have ever imagined you could be. For many new moms, especially at the beginning, going to the gym is a luxury they cannot afford.

There are many weight loss exercise routines you can do at home, even with your baby awake.

Canadian Living came out with an excellent program of post pregnancy weight loss exercises you can do with your baby while you hold her. These post pregnancy exercises are safe to do with your baby and the nice thing is that while you are doing this workout you are actually bonding with your child as well.

Just make sure that before you start on any post pregnancy weight loss exercises you get your physician’s OK.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Exercises While Holding Your Baby


After thought: During and after pregnancy, you may have noticed that you have developed the pesky, bumpy cellulite on your thighs and bum, especially if you are in your thirties. There are a few specific exercises that you can do to tone those areas and get rid of this unsightly problem . The video below is a recording of a TV show that featured how to exercise to get rid of cellulite.


Simple Exercise Routine To Get Rid Of Cellulite

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