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An Overview Of Popular Weight Loss Diets Of Today

Over the years weight loss diets have come and gone. New ones continuously emerge to satisfy the gluttonous market of dieters, others lose their seal of popular appeal and vanish into obscurity. But some of the diets keep in the foreground, unaffected by the changing trends. Today I will give you a few examples of the most popular weight loss diets of today to choose from.

Because there are so many dieting programs on the market, it is very difficult to choose one which is sensible and adaptable to your family’s needs as well.

Many weight loss diets will require that you change (quite drastically sometimes) what you eat and drink. Such changes should be suitable for your family as well. I am not saying that just because you are going to be dieting, they have to as well. But the foods you will eat, particularly at the main meals, need to have to be prepared such that they are palatable and healthy not only for you but for your family as well. Who wants to cook 2 separate meals, one for yourself, an another for your loved ones?

This article offers an overview at some of the more sensible, yet popular weight loss diets people are currently favoring. They are not fads, rather, they are pretty reasonable, pretty safe and are easily adaptable for your family’s meals as well.


Currently, The Most Popular Weight Loss Diets

Mediterranean Diet – this is not, in the strictest terms, a slimming program. Rather, it is a sort of a lifestyle which became popular in the US not so long ago. It promotes healthy foods and activities which in turn may lead to weight loss and fat loss.

This popular diet is based on the traditional eating habits in the Mediterranean regions, namely Crete, Greece and Italy. The main staples of their eating regimen are different kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes. They also eat fish and poultry and they love to sip some red wine with their meals. The most important oil is olive oil, which is extremely healthy.

Read a full description and learn more about this popular eating plan.

Weight Watchers Diet – The organization was founded in 1963 and since then it has been established in 30 different countries. The core of this popular program and the approach behind it, is to help participants lose weight by forming healthier habits. The participants are encouraged to eat better and smarter and partake in physical activity.

The dieters do not have any restriction on food choices. They do not have to buy any prepackaged meals. In other words, they can eat all types of real food. But every food has a point value depending on its type of nutrient content, including fiber. The higher the points, the less nutrient dense is the food.

The participants are assigned a daily PointPlus target which is personalized to the dieter’s body. As long as you stay within the target, you can eat whatever you want.

The core of the success of this organization and while it remains so popular even after such a long time, is it’s regular meetings, self-help group support, monitoring and encouragement of participants.

More information about this popular program.

Atkins Diet – also known as Atkins nutritional approach, it is a low carb program originally developed by Robert Atkins in the 1970s. When the program was first developed the carbohydrates were essentially off limit. Lack of, or a very limited amount of carbs in our diets (only 20 grams of carbs were allowed, which is roughly equivalent to 1/2 of an apple) is not sustainable and it is even dangerous. For this reason, many followers of this approach eventually fell of the wagon and regained most of the flab back.

Within the last few years the Atkins company made a significant change and revamped the core eating plan to allow more of the healthful carbohydrates in. The new eating regimen supports a moderate approach with many types of fruits, vegetables and even whole grains.

To learn more about the perpetually popular Atkins nutritional approach read their bestselling new book: The New Atkins (affiliate link).

The Zone Diet – created by biochemist Barry Sears in the mid 1990s, it became a bestseller and remains popular still today. It advocates to eat proteins, carbohydrates and fats in a balanced ratio of 30% – 40% – 30% (respectively). The eating plan revolves around 5 meals: 3 main meals and 2 snacks. The types of carbohydrates that are favored are the ones of low glycemic index and suggested fats are mainly monounsaturated fats such as olive oil. As well, daily exercise and physical activity is encouraged.

The ratio of the various foods requires to be precise, as according to Zone, this will not only help to shed pounds, but will also promote numerous health benefits, including, prevention of inflammation, and chronic diseases, immunity boost, increased mental activity and increase in longevity.

More about the Zone Diet.

South Beach Diet – started by a cardiologist Dr. Agaston in response to his disenchantment with the American Heart Association’s endorsement of the low-fat, high-carb diets in the 1990s. The objective of his eating plan is to replace “bad-carbs” with “good-carbs” and bad fats with good fats.

Basically, you remove refined sugars and replace them with healthy whole grains, veggies and legumes. As well, you reduce the intake of saturated fats and replace them with monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids and even virgin, cold pressed coconut oil.

More information about this popular dieting approach (book – affiliate link)


Bonus: Quick Weight Loss Diet For Emergencies – As the the title suggests this is not a magic pill for a fast weight loss in general. It is a very sensible and healthy one day plan to help you lose pounds and inches in an emergency situation. Only to be used when you are in dire straights, otherwise this approach will lose its effectiveness. I’ve tried it and it works! And, did I mention that it is free?

Learn more about this little secret of mine.

Latest Types Of Weight Loss Programs: From A – Z

To access a much larger number of the latest (and many still popular) weight loss diets, you may want to visit WebMD site and go through their list. There you may find an approach that may pique your curiosity and you may even want to try it.

Below is a screenshot of a comprehensive list of different dieting programs published in WebMd (some are pretty bizarre and are not popular anymore).

List Of Weight Loss Diets According To WebMD

latest types of weight loss diets by WebMD

The image is a bit hard to read but I did not want to bloat this post. Here I am using the list only as an example of the multitude of the latest types of weight loss diets that are available. Click this link to access the WebMD article.

In summary, I have listed the most popular weight loss diets currently on the market.  But before you embark on any one of these dieting programs, it’s important that you do plenty of research before adopting any one of them. As well, make sure to get an advise from a dietitian to ensure all your nutritional needs are being met when you’ll start changing your eating habits.


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