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Pairing Tabata Exercises With Cardio For Maximum Results

Tabata is an intense workout that really delivers results. The training is a 4 minute exercise protocol where you workout in short 20 second burst of high intensity followed by a 10 second rest. In this article we are going to look at what happens when you pair the intense Tabata training with some intense cardio workouts.

If you have never done Tabata, please make sure to read the introduction to Tabata. You see, although 4 minute workout seems like a dream come true, it is not for the week or faint at heart. During Tabata exercises you really push yourself to the max. The 4 minutes really consist of very intensive and non stop repetition of the 20 second workout intervals.

Tabata Moves

To begin with, for the best all-inclusive results choose exercises that target different muscle groups. A few of the ones that cover this are: burpees, jump squats and jumping jacks.

You don’t have to limit yourself just to a single exercise. But it seems better to do so. The reason is that in Tabata workout you want to fire up the muscles to their maximum potential. Since each exercise works different muscles, you may want to stick to a single exercise, let’s say burpees and in the next round move to a different exercise to work different muscles.

If, however, you are only up to one session, do one type of exercise one day and another type the next day.

Let’s take an example. Suppose you decide to do high knees. This exercise/workout is exaggerated walking/running in place where you bring the knees up to waist level every time you take a step. You also got small weights that you will bring up over your head, which at the same time you bring up your knees. This ensures that you upper body is working as well.

Set up a stopwatch so you’ll be able to easily track ten and twenty second sessions. When time starts, go as fast as you possibly can. If it seems too easy, change out your weights for something a little heavier. You need to be exerting yourself as much as humanly possible.

Don’t lose your form, though. Exercise without proper form will deliver you very little real benefit. If you find you’re just flailing your arms and legs, you need to slow down a little and may need to work on fluency with your chosen exercise before you work on making it Tabata intensity.

After twenty seconds, give yourself a 10 second break. Ten seconds, where you just stand there, gasping for breath if necessary. Then you go on with twenty seconds more of the high knees with that overhead lift.

However, if by round three, we’re feeling just a little bit less energetic and your speed and intensity is tapering off, and by the time we come to round seven and eight, you are just going through the motions, you are not really performing a Tabata workout. Tabata training requires you to keep yourself at the highest intensity throughout all of the 8 repetitions. You have to understand that it is the intensity that matters and your body is going to rebel.

If you have a little will power, you can push yourself to it. Remember, when the four minute bell rings, you’ll have completed the workout and be well on the way to a healthier you.

How To Pair Intense Cardio With Tabata Exercises

Pairing Tabata exercises with some intense cardio workouts is like a good marriage. You will get both, a powerful boost to your cardiovascular system and great fat burning results at the same time. This pairing will speed up your journey to a healthier you.

Because Tabata is such a high intensity training, it is not recommended to do more that 3 -4 times per week max. Do not do Tabata every day!

The best strategy is to do intense cardio during the days you are not doing Tabata exercises.

So a typical schedule might be, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Tabata. Then Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, an hour on the treadmill, maybe 20 minutes of HIIT (high intensity interval training), some bike work or any other cardio that you enjoy and don’t forget to add some muscle toning on those cardio days as well.

Pairing  intense cardio with Tabata exercises is an ideal combination to give you fantastic results. It will transform your body into a lean mean fat burning machine. If you add a healthy diet to the mix the results will amaze you!

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