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Online Weight Loss Calculator – Figure Out Your Calorie Intake To Lose Weight

The online weight loss calculator helps you calculate how many daily calories you need to consume to reach your goal of losing weight. This weight loss calculator will warn you if your diet goal is too risky for your health.

Weight loss is a result of negative energy balance. What that means is that when losing weight (and you are otherwise healthy) your body is taking in less energy (calories) than it is expending.

This calculator tells you by how many calories you should reduce your food (calorie) intake in order to reach your desired weight. A very nice feature is that it also gives you a warning if your weight loss goal in a specified time frame is unreasonable and dangerous to your health.

Please note that if you increase your activity level you can increase your calorie intake and feel fuller.

You may also use the BMI Calculator to determine your Body Mass Index and see whether you indeed need to lose weight. As well use our BMR Calculator to determine your basal metabolic rate and to find the minimum number of calories you need, to sustain the functioning of your body.

Weight Loss Calculator

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The above weight loss calculator is fully functional, so if you want to use it, go ahead. But please note it can’t replace a professional medical advice! If you are planning a weight loss diet, do consult your doctor. Use this calculator as a guide only.

If the weight loss calculator gives you a warning, you weight loss expectations are unreasonable for the time period you entered. If that is your case, re-calculate. The best is to lower your expectations or increase your physical activity.


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