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No Crunch Exercises For Beautiful Abs

You probably think that crunches are the only important exercises for your midsection. This is not true. Many fitness experts believe that in order to get rid of your belly and tighten the midsection muscles you have to work all the muscles in your abdominal section. Meaning, the entire core.

Jen Ator, the Fitness editor at Women’s Health shares with us a series of no crunch ab exercises that are going to get rid of the abdominal fat and show off your beautiful abs.

no crunch abs

In this series of exercises there are  “8 no crunch moves for a killer core”,  as Jen put it. They are:

8 No Crunch Ab Exercises

Week 1 – 2

  • Plank With Leg Lift
  • Side Plank

Week 3 – 4

  • Plank With Feet Elevated
  • Side Plank With Knee Tuck

Week 5 – 6

  • Stability Ball Mountain Climber
  • Side Plank And Row

Week 7 – 8

  • Suitcase Deadlift and Lateral Step-up
  • Dumbbell Overhead Off-Loaded Farmer’s Walk


According to the video these exercises are to be done (or added) to your routine gradually over eight weeks. Each week contains a prescribed pair of moves you’ll add to your total body workout. To get the best results and follow the weekly schedule.

Jen suggests that for each workout you

  1. perform a 10 minute warm-up
  2. do the prescribed pair of moves as instructed
  3. follow by a total-body workout

In case you missed it, Jen also shows us a 15 minute total body workout in a video that you can see here.  Add these no crunch exercises ti the workout that she  15 minute total body workout.


No Crunch Exercises For Beautiful Abs Video



If you follow these no crunch ab exercises and add them to the 15 minute total workout routine you will shape up your body in in no time at all. Even though these exercises are to be done over 8 weeks you should begin to see changes to your body in 2 – 4 weeks.

Let me know what you think of these exercise and how they are working for you.


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