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MilkyPin Ups – Works Of Art

When writing an article on the role of milk in weight loss, my research led me to some amazing images related to milk. It was a different take and certainly a different way to use milk to enhance the beauty of the body. Hope you enjoy.

London-based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz did interesting high-speed photography with beautiful women wearing… milk. His “Milky PinUps” series features models in retro poses “wearing” splashy milk dresses.

Jaroslav took hundreds of photos of each pose, pouring real milk over women, and created these fantastic images by combining the pictures.

I took the liberty to pair them up. You can see the original photographs on Jaroslav’s website here

Milky calendar pin ups

Milky calendar pin ups series 2

Milky Calendar Series 3

Milky Pin-up Calendar Girls series 4

Milky calendar pinup girl

I know that these images are a bit risque, but I thought it was a very clever way to bring the goodness of milk to our attention. Did you like the images. I’d love to hear from you.

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