how to lose weight without dieting and exercise

How To Lose Weight Without Dieting And Exercise

Most weight loss diets are based on the premise that you have to burn more calories than you take in. As well, most diets recommend that you change your lifestyle. Accordingly, they recommend that you eat less, eat healthy and exercise. Those are all valid points. But what if you don’t have time to go out and exercise? In this article you’ll discover how to lose weight without dieting and exercise, right in the comfort your home.

Now, don’t take me wrong. I am all for healthy diets and exercise. Getting into physical shape is important for your overall health and even weight loss.

But many busy moms and dads simply do not have the time to dash over to the gym and spend couple of hours 3-4 times per week away from home.

If you cannot spare the time for activities outside of your home rest assured that there are plenty of fat burning activities you can engage in at home and use these activities to help you shed pounds and improve your health. Just look around you! Many of our house related (sometimes called chores) activities are wonderful calorie and fat burners.

To maximize health benefits you should burn about 2000 calories per week through “activities”. In one week you can easily burn 2500 or more calories doing “chores”. Did you know that to lose one pound you only need to burn 3500 calories? Let me show you then how to lose weight without dieting and exercise.

If you eat normally to maintain your weight and you burn 10,500 calories per month doing your household chores you will lose 3 pounds. In 12 months that is equivalent to 36 pounds and you have not gone on a diet or set a foot in a gym. In addition your body will also be in a better shape and your health greatly improved!

You may think that to burn 10,500 calories per month is a lot of calories to burn and next to impossible to do with your busy parental schedule. So let’s examine your household chores for a calorie burning potential and see how easily you can do it:

Household Chores – Calorie Burning Potential Examples

Calorie burning potential of household chores
The above table gives you a simple guide to what some of the common household activities may represent in the potential amount of calories burnt per hour. So let’s do a little math and translate this activity/calorie burning table into chores you could do per week.

Number Of Calories Burnt Per Week / Year With Household Chores

Let’s say that per week you will spend the time allocated in the table below on a given household activity. As you will see in the sum at the bottom of the table you can burn a lot of calories this way.

calories burnt per week with chores

That is a lot of calories burnt per week and you have not washed your car yet, went food shopping, taken care of your yard…!

As you can see from the above sampler, you can burn a lot of calories and have your house super clean at the same time. If you will consider the “chores” as part of your calorie burning (exercise) program you will not resent doing them as much. House cleaning will be a lot of fun for you. (You may even decide to get rid of your cleaning lady and save a lot of money).

Doing household chores can help you lose weight without dieting end exercise. In fact you can lose roughly 36 pounds in a year even if your diet stays the same. You can lose a lot more weight if you reduce the number of calories you eat, simply by removing fried foods, by restricting the amount of sweets you eat,  and so on. For more information see weight loss tips…

Amazingly, after a few weeks when you’ll see  you lost a few pounds and when you realize that you feel much better, you will find yourself looking forward to doing chores and to having a showcase home as well!

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