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How Much Is A Serving Of Vegetables And Fruits

Most weight loss diets and healthy eating plans will suggest to eat five servings of vegetables and fruits. But I bet that you may not know how much is a single serving, especially when it comes to vegetables.

When asked, many people think that a single serving of vegetables is one cup. That is a lot of food if you want to eat 2 servings of fruits and 3 servings of vegetables. It sounds quite unmanageable to include in your daily intake of food, especially if you consider adding other foods to your daily menu.

Surprisingly, according to British Dietetic Association the portions of a serving are much smaller than what people think.

Well, exactly how much is one serving of fruit or vegetables? In the video below, registered dietitian Azmina Govindji explains how much of fruits and vegetables comprise the recommended five servings .

Typically, one serving of fruit is the whole fruit. For example, one banana or one apple each represents 1 serving. A handful of grapes is also one serving.

When it comes to vegetables it is quite different. Only 3 tablespoons of legumes, for example cooked beans or lentils equals one serving. That is pretty manageable. With respect to raw veggies, only 3/4 of a carrot is equivalent to one serving.

Phew, what a relief knowing that a single serving of vegetables is not as much as one cup ! Not because I don’t like veggies, but I simply could not see myself eating 3 cups or more of them, especially if I wanted to add other beneficial foods into my diet.



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