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I am excited to introduce a healthy eating recipes section on The Diet Chat. Eating healthy is the way to go in the 21st century. We have the means and we have the information to help all of us adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes eating healthy foods.

There is absolutely no reason why the idea of eating healthy food makes so many people cringe. Healthy foods are so much more than the boring and tasteless morsels many people envision. On the contrary, when you open your mind you’ll find that healthy foods are delicious and filling. For those that are trying to shed some pounds, many healthy foods are amazing at helping to fuel muscles and lose weight.

In addition to fueling muscles and helping you get slimmer, healthy foods are essential at combating and preventing various diseases and conditions some of which include:

  • metabolic syndrome
  • diabetes
  • cancers
  • diseases of the brain
  • heart disease
  • stress relief
  • and so on

Our healthy eating recipes section will carry easy to make recipes to inspire you and help you plan a healthy menu or just to give you a few new meal ideas. All of the recipes are carefully selected, so you don’t have to be a renown chef to create them. As well, we try to pick recipes that are not overly time consuming to prepare. We are fully aware, that these days time is at a premium.

Healthy Eating Recipes Index

In the Healthy Eating Recipes sections you will find:

  • cooking tips
  • healthy soup recipes
  • low carb recipes
  • healthy dessert recipes
  • international recipes
  • and much much more

By clicking on the images below, you will be able to access the various recipes sections. Likewise, if you click on the Navigation Bar “Recipes” you will be able to access the links to the yummiest sections of The Diet Chat blog.


Low Carb
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Healthy Dessert
healthy dessert recipes

Healthy Soup
healthy soup recipes

international recipes

Of course there will be a Cooking Tips section, which is especially needed for the International recipes. Many of these recipes use slightly different techniques or spices, so I’ll share some of the relevant information.

Make sure to explore healthy eating recipes section often as new recipes will be added on regular basis. As well, please share your favorite healthy recipe with us. You may either contact me here or on Facebook and I may even publish your recipe.


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