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popular weight loss diets

An Overview Of Popular Weight Loss Diets Of Today

Over the years weight loss diets have come and gone. New ones continuously emerge to satisfy the gluttonous market of dieters, others lose their seal of popular appeal and vanish into obscurity. But some of the diets keep in the foreground, unaffected by the changing trends. Today I will give you a few examples of […]

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high protein diet for weight loss

Why A High Protein Diet For Weight Loss Is Not Sustainable

There are many unbalanced weight loss diets on the market and essentially they all fall into 3 categories: high protein diet for weight loss, high carb (carbohydrate) and fasting diets. Although the proponents of such approaches claim that they work “miracles”, none of these regimes are sustainable over a long period of time. The basis […]

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types of weight loss diets

Different Types Of Weight Loss Diets – Overview

A barrage of different types of weight loss diets were developed over the years. And why not? Overweight is rampant in North America. As a result, the dieting product market is a multi-billion industry. Most of these dieting products promise to magically eradicate fat and pounds off your body. Some of the types of diets […]

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what is weight loss plateau

Weight Loss Plateau – What Is It And Why Does It Happen

Weight loss plateau, also known as diet plateau, has been called by many names. It has been referred to as “the dieter’s greatest nemesis”, “the dreaded weight loss stage”, “a demon in disguise that springs to torture the dieter”, “a major obstacle to losing weight”, and so on. In this article you’ll find out what […]

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Mediterranean diet foods

Mediterranean Diet Foods And Food Pyramid

The Mediterranean diet is special because it is not only about eating healthy foods, it is also about a special lifestyle the people of this unique geographic area lead. This article will only concentrate on the Mediterranean diet foods. The foods are colorful and aromatic, rich in beneficial nutrients and a pleasure to eat. As […]

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Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet Infographic – A Colorful Overview

Once again the Mediterranean diet is making headlines in the news. The reason for all the “renewed interest” is that a number of scientific studies (1, 2) have been recently published which promote a whole food approach and an active lifestyle modeled on the Mediterranean diet practiced on the island of Crete and surrounding geographical […]

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what does a serving look like

How Much Is A Serving Of Vegetables And Fruits

Most weight loss diets and healthy eating plans will suggest to eat five servings of vegetables and fruits. But I bet that you may not know how much is a single serving, especially when it comes to vegetables. When asked, many people think that a single serving of vegetables is one cup. That is a […]

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dieting merry go round

How To Stop The Weight Loss And Dieting Merry-Go-Round

Diets and weight loss programs are a big business. In fact billions of dollars are spend yearly on various products that promise to help you to lose weight. How can one sort through this toxic weight loss and dieting merry-go-round of conflicting information and misinformation offered by the high protein, low fat, low-carb, high carb, […]

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