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Chocolate chip cookies with lentil puree

Chocolate Chip Cookies With Lentil Puree Recipe

I know what you are thinking! Chocolate chip cookies with lentil puree? What on earth is that? Well, you’ll be surprised. These cookies are delicious and taste like ordinary chocolate chip cookies. The beauty of this recipe is that the lentil puree was used to replace 1/2 of the butter used to make the original […]

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chia seed muffin recipes

3 Amazing Chia Seed Muffin Recipes

Thousands of years ago Aztecs and Mayans included chia seeds in their regular diet. They ground them to make flour, pressed them to make oil or drunk them by simply mixing the seeds in water. These cultures considered the seeds as somewhat magical as they seem to increase the people’s energy and stamina. Overtime these […]

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