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cardio workout

Cardio Workout For Weight Loss

Day 8 topic of the weight loss plan is “cardio workout for weight loss”. You are going to start exercising, if you are not doing it already. This cardio workout will help you build strength, endurance, burn calories and it will aid your quest for loss of weight and inches. Most importantly, it will start […]

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at home weight loss exercises after pregnancy

At Home Weight Loss Exercises After Pregnancy

After giving birth, even when some time passes, many women retain much of the fat and weight they gained during pregnancy. A healthy diet will help you achieve some loss of fat and inches, but only working out will help you bring your body back to the pre-pregnancy shape. In today’s article I will share […]

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plank with leg lift exercise for weight loss

No Crunch Exercises For Beautiful Abs

You probably think that crunches are the only important exercises for your midsection. This is not true. Many fitness experts believe that in order to get rid of your belly and tighten the midsection muscles you have to work all the muscles in your abdominal section. Meaning, the entire core. Jen Ator, the Fitness editor […]

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workout for women

15 Minute Total Workout For Women

If you are strapped for time, the following video shows you a simple, yet a total workout for women. All it takes is 15 minutes a few times per week. And, you can do in the comfort of your home.  This article is a part of the series of articles on exercising for weight loss […]

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exercise for weight loss fact or fiction

Exercise For Weight Loss – Fact Or Fiction

How many times have you heard that exercising is key to weight loss? But is it really true? Can exercise alone help you lose pounds? Here I’ll explore whether the generally recommended concept of exercise for weight loss is indeed a fact or is it a fiction. Many people have been mistakenly led to believe […]

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weight loss exercises for women

Beginner Weight Loss Exercises For Women

Weight loss exercises for women need to be quite different than exercise routines for men. Many workouts, even the ones you will come across in weight loss programs you buy, have not been specifically adapted to cater the needs of women. As a female, you may find that you are simply not losing the weight […]

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exercises for beginners

Beginner Guide To Weight Loss Exercises

Every weight loss program you’ll come across will tell you that in order to lose weight you not only need to eat well but you also have to exercise. Although exercise alone would be responsible for only a small part of your weight loss success, unquestionably you should exercise as part of your overall health […]

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Benefits Of Walking

Benefits Of Walking For 30 Minutes Per Day

Benefits of walking for 30 minutes per day are numerous. It is a great way to lose weight, lose excess body fat or maintain your weight. In addition, a brisk walk daily helps you to improve your overall health and eliminate risks for a number of diseases including cardiovascular diseases, type2 diabetes and some cancers. […]

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