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Cardio Workout For Weight Loss

Day 8 topic of the weight loss plan is “cardio workout for weight loss”. You are going to start exercising, if you are not doing it already. This cardio workout will help you build strength, endurance, burn calories and it will aid your quest for loss of weight and inches. Most importantly, it will start you moving.

If you have not done any exercise at all in the past, start with brisk walking. Make it a habit to go for a walk 20-30 minutes each day until you get used to some activity.

If, however, you are fairly mobile, you can include a cardio workout into your plan to lose weight straight away.

My favorite cardio exercises are the ones taught by Amanda Russell in her video “One Minute Interval Cardio Workout”. I am including Amanda’s video below. Before I do that I would like to summarize the workout. The great thing is that this cardio routine can be done from the comfort of your home. That’s what I love about it…

As well, before we start on today’s weight loss plan “adventure”, I want to mention the importance of warming up prior to starting any exercising routine and a cooling down at the end of it. If you don’t warm up, you may injure your body.

The warm ups will depend on the type of exercise you are going to do. So, for example, if you decide to jog, a few minutes of brisk walking may do the trick. Swing your arms to loosen them. Then do some stretches making sure to include the muscles in your arms, legs and tummy. After you finish your run, cool down with a short interval of stretches.


Summary Of One Minute Interval Cardio Workout For Shedding Inches & Pounds

Since this is a 20 minute intensive cardio training, it is advisable not to do it every day because the workout will lose its effectiveness and you will burn out your body.

The best is to do these exercises every other day or 3 – 4 times per week on alternate days. On the days you are not going to do this interval cardio workout, do other exercises or simply go for a 30 minute brisk walk.

You will have 10 exercises to follow in this routine. You will do one minute each, moving from one exercise to the next one. There will be a short recovery exercise between each interval. This should last about 30 seconds.

List Of Cardio Workout Exercises

1. High Knees

high knees
2. Plank Jacks

Plank Jacks
3. Frog Hops

frog hops
4 -5. Single Leg Hop (Left & Right)

single leg hop
6. Jumping Jacks

jumping jacks
7. Turkish Get Ups

Turkish get ups
8. Speed Skaters

speed skater
9. Jumping Rope

jumping rope
10. Side To Side Barrier Jumps

barrier jumps



Cardio Workout For Weight Loss Video

In the video, Amanda goes through each exercise very thoroughly and she also shows you what type of a relaxation routine you should for each exercise.

Even though 60 seconds does not seem like a long time, if you are not used to working out you may find the time too long and the workout too strenuous. Just do as much as you can and gradually increase the time to 1 minute. Just remember that even if you reduce the duration, do this cardio every other day.



This interval training is an excellent cardio workout for weight loss. It is my favorite because Amanda does such a nice job of it. And unlike other cardio routines, she is also working on different muscle groups which is excellent for toning. If you follow these exercises regularly, as suggested, you’ll not only lose weight loss but you’ll gain a beautifully toned body.

Let me know how you liked the video. As well, as you’ll begin to see results please share them here or on my Facebook page.

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