quick weight loss diet

One Day Quick Weight Loss Diet For Emergencies

I am not a huge proponent of quick weight loss diets because they are only a temporary fix and not a permanent solution. But there are some “emergency situations” when we need to resort to them when we only want quick and immediate, albeit, temporary results. In this article, you’ll find a one day quick […]

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weight loss tips

101 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Here you will find 101 weight loss tips that are healthy and easy to implement. Too many people struggle with dieting. Yet it need not be a difficult undertaking. These free tips are as close as you can get to a painless weight loss. Some of these weight loss tips are expanded into articles posted […]

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popular weight loss diets

An Overview Of Popular Weight Loss Diets Of Today

Over the years weight loss diets have come and gone. New ones continuously emerge to satisfy the gluttonous market of dieters, others lose their seal of popular appeal and vanish into obscurity. But some of the diets keep in the foreground, unaffected by the changing trends. Today I will give you a few examples of […]

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high protein diet for weight loss

Why A High Protein Diet For Weight Loss Is Not Sustainable

There are many unbalanced weight loss diets on the market and essentially they all fall into 3 categories: high protein diet for weight loss, high carb (carbohydrate) and fasting diets. Although the proponents of such approaches claim that they work “miracles”, none of these regimes are sustainable over a long period of time. The basis […]

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foods for weight loss tug of war

Foods For Weight Loss Tug Of War

It seems that everyday someone comes up with new “holy grail” of foods for weight loss. You only need to see the front cover or open any popular health and fitness magazine or watch a health related TV show. Just when you thought you got it right, everything changes. But, how do you sort through […]

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types of weight loss diets

Different Types Of Weight Loss Diets – Overview

A barrage of different types of weight loss diets were developed over the years. And why not? Overweight is rampant in North America. As a result, the dieting product market is a multi-billion industry. Most of these dieting products promise to magically eradicate fat and pounds off your body. Some of the types of diets […]

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healthy cooking recipes

7 Must Have Ingredients For Healthy Cooking Recipes

Today most of the chronic diseases are caused by poor food choices, toxic ingredients and nutritional deficiency. To beat the odds  of succumbing any of these diseases you need to take good care of what you cook and what eat. In today’s article I’ll share 7 must have ingredients for your healthy cooking recipes. Naturally, […]

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stress reducing foods

Stress Reducing Foods: 10 Superfoods To Help You Relax

When stressed, most people turn to comfort food, usually high in calories and full of fat. But, interestingly there are many superfoods or healthy foods that have a natural ability to relieve stress. These stress reducing foods will not only help you relax, they will also satisfy your cravings, provide you with energy and to […]

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toward weight loss success

You Are On Your Way To Weight Loss Success – Final Thoughts

Well, you are ten days into your weight loss plan and you have been doing a great job. From here on, your weight loss success will depend on you and your actions you’ll take and the habits you will develop. Today we’ll re-cap everything you’ve learned and applied thus far and I’ll provide you with […]

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waus to reduce stress

15 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress – Day 9 Of The Weight Loss Plan

Stress is an inevitable part of everyone’s lives, in varying forms and amounts. We all have to learn ways to reduce stress in order to effectively cope with many situations in life. Using the following stress management techniques you can address the stresses in your life. While some level of stress can be productive and […]

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cardio workout

Cardio Workout For Weight Loss

Day 8 topic of the weight loss plan is “cardio workout for weight loss”. You are going to start exercising, if you are not doing it already. This cardio workout will help you build strength, endurance, burn calories and it will aid your quest for loss of weight and inches. Most importantly, it will start […]

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the magic of dietary fiber

Introducing Dietary Fiber Into Your Weight Loss Plan

Dietary fiber is essential not only for our well being but also for keeping our weight in check. If you are like most people you are not eating enough it. If you are overweight, dietary fiber, may just be the magic bullet you are looking for. So in this spirit, day 7 introduces this magical […]

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reduce sugar in your diet

Why You Need To Reduce Sugar In Your Diet – Day 6 Of The Weight Loss Plan

Today, the 6th day of the weight loss plan, I am going to introduce you to a no brainer… You need to reduce sugar to lose weight! There are no two ways about it. If you are like most people you eat too much sugar, and I don’t only mean the white stuff from your […]

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