weight loss exercises for women

Beginner Weight Loss Exercises For Women

Weight loss exercises for women need to be quite different than exercise routines for men. Many workouts, even the ones you will come across in weight loss programs you buy, have not been specifically adapted to cater the needs of women. As a female, you may find that you are simply not losing the weight or shaping your body as promised. Today I’ll share a couple of specifically designed beginner weight loss exercises for women which should set you on the right path. The results will surprise you.

Bodies of males and females differ in the way they accumulate fat. Where as men accumulate most of the fat around their belly area, women accumulate fat differently. The fat accumulates pretty well all over a woman’s body including thighs, behind, waistline and breasts. The loss of fat is crucial when you are trying to get your body back. Naturally, because of the fat distribution, the workouts need to be gender specific.

When you start exercising you not only will have to focus on the exercise routine but also on your personal needs. You may be a busy mom looking after the kids at home or you may be a busy executive working endless hours at your office. So you need to consider your responsibilities and schedule your exercises such that there is some consistency to your workouts. If your workouts are not consistent, they are not going to be effective.


In other words, you do not want to exercise sporadically. Set a time for your workouts such that they are compatible with your schedule. Your weight loss exercises must not be stressors to you. Although your exercises may be seemingly a lot of work (until you get use to it), you should always make them fun and take them with a smile.

If you are a beginner when it comes to exercise workouts, you may want to read the beginner guide to weight loss exercises.

Below are a couple of videos that show specific weight loss exercises for women. The first one shows beginner exercises in a gym. The second is a workout video for women who do not have time to go to the gym. These home exercises are also suitable for moms who just had a baby and want to shape up and lose some pregnancy weight.

Beginner Gym Weight Loss Exercises For Women


Beginner Home Weight Loss Exercises For Women

Either one of these weight loss exercise routines is very effective when it comes to loss of fat and inches and getting yourself in physical shape. Make sure to bookmark the Diet Chat blog for more exercises. New routines, as well as exercises that target specific areas of your body are added regularly.

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If you are trying to lose weight your approach to weight loss also needs to be different from your male counterpart. Most weight loss diets on the market offer the same program for men and women. As a result, women are often less successful at weight loss then men are. Venus Factor is the only weight loss program specifically designed for women. If you have not been successful at losing weight consider giving it a try.


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