aunty acid on weight loss and dieting tips

Aunty Acid Weight Loss And Dieting Tips

A few days ago I was looking online for some humorous images related to weight loss and dieting to include on my Facebook page to in order to break the monotony of the posts. Aunty Acid, a sassy senior, by Ged Backland from The Backland Studios caught my attention. Being a little biased, I found Aunty Acid weight loss and dieting tips hilarious and I thought I would share some of the weight loss tips with you here.

Although I have not heard of Aunty Acid before, she is quite famous. She even made her way to the urban dictionary where she is described as:

Aunty  Acid – an older lady filled with sassistude and with as much bite as two cats fighting over a leg of ham , feared but adored, witty but wise, feminine but with bigger balls than your average horse. A woman who is so bitchin’ and intelligent that most men fear opening their traps in her presence. Says things like “Some people need to use glue instead of lipstick” and “Behind every successful woman is herself”. A role model to the young Ladies for sure…Urban Dictionary

If you search for Aunty Acid on Google, you would find hundreds of comical pics and sayings, not all related to weight loss or dieting. Her sassy tips relate to many different areas of life, including stress, work ethics and relationship.  One day when you have nothing to do, have a go at the images. You’ll have quite a few laughs.

Tips For Weight Loss And Dieting by Aunty Acid

I am not fat by Aunty Acid


aunty acid allergic to chocolate


aunty acid avoids things that make her fat


aunty acid dieting


aunty acid exercising


aunty acid burnt 3000 calories


aunt acid wonders why some skinny people eat so much


aunty acid compares skinny and bacon


aunty acid does not have a weight problem


aunty acid on light diet


What can I say . This wonderful, sassy “Aunty” is quite outspoken and at times quarrelsome and cranky, but I find her witty. I also like her spirit to say things we might think but dare not to say.

Aunty Acid, seems to be happy with who she is. She is self assured and secure in her body and I don’t think that her weight matters to her very much.

I could go on and add many more images but that would overload this post. If you want to have a look at some more pics of this funny lady visit us at Facebook and read many more words of wisdom. Also, if you found these Aunty Acid weight loss and dieting words of wisdom funny,  please leave a comment below.

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