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Aunty Acid On Fitness And Weight Loss Exercises

Here is a sequel to Aunty Acid humor. As I mentioned before her sassy humor touches so many of us. She often says what we only think. Today I’ll share Aunty Acid “wisdom” on fitness and weight loss exercises.

As I mentioned before, Aunty Acid is a brainchild of Ged Backland and he keeps publishing more of Aunty sass relentlessly. Thank you Ged. I am digressing, I just wanted to give credit where credit is due.

Coming back to the subject of today, exercising is a small yet essential part of healthy weight management but many people resist it, mostly because they don’t feel they have the time to go to the gym.

Exercising can be done at home and it is as valuable as the ones done in the gym.

A 15 minute workout that you can do from home several times a week is all it takes. And if you feel you can’t even spare 15 minutes, cleaning your house burns a lot of calories.

But enough from me, let’s find out what Auntie Acid says about exercises for weight loss.

Aunty Acid’s Take On Fitness And Weight Loss Exercises


going to the gym




aunty acid lateral workout


aunty acid on treadmill




aunty acid exercising


no more gym




aunty acid puts on jeans


auny acid on loose clothes and aerobics


Aunty Acid seems to have every excuse in the book not to exercise. But I like her spirit to say what’s on her mind. And, I don’t think that weight loss is something she spends too much time dwelling on. She has a pretty high self esteem, which is good to see.

I have more funny images of Aunty Acid but I did not want to add any more to prevent the post from loading very slowly. I’ll bring them to you in another post. If you want to have a look at some more pics, go to our Facebook page and see. Also, if you found these Aunty Acid words of wisdom about fitness and weight loss exercises funny, let me know via a comment below.


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