at home weight loss exercises after pregnancy

At Home Weight Loss Exercises After Pregnancy

After giving birth, even when some time passes, many women retain much of the fat and weight they gained during pregnancy. A healthy diet will help you achieve some loss of fat and inches, but only working out will help you bring your body back to the pre-pregnancy shape. In today’s article I will share a series of specifically designed at home weight loss exercises for after pregnancy. These are ideal for busy moms with newborns.

But before you start exercising make sure to get an OK from the physician. During the first 6 weeks postpartum, take it easy and let your body heal. You may even need more time if you had a C-section. During this healing period you can take your newborn for a walk in a stroller or a baby carriage. Walking in fresh air will do wonders for both, your bundle of joy and you.



Walking will help you lose some weight and it will de-stress you and infuse you with new energy.

Eventually, when you are ready to start exercising to shape-up your body there are a couple of at home weight loss exercises you can easily follow.

In the last article I shared a fun way to exercise at home, while you are holding your infant. In the video below you will find weight loss exercises that can also be done in the privacy of your home. They do not take much time and you can quickly do them when your baby is taking a nap.

At Home Weight Loss Exercises After Pregnancy With A Professional Trainer

Although weight loss at this stage may not be your number one priority, but likely getting back into shape is. Here the professional fitness trainer, Carol Ann, shows you how to get in shape and burn excess baby weight using home exercises.

After your child is born, the last thing on your mind is to run to the gym to workout. Most moms simply do not have this option. But getting back into shape is important to you. And, you want to lose your baby tummy. Home workouts are the best solution. Working out at home can be done when your little one is sleeping or just resting.

I hope you enjoyed this workout routine, specifically designed to use home. Please let me know!

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