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My name is Dita and I run The Diet Chat blog. As you probably noticed, when you read the home page, The Diet Chat site is about helping people make informed decisions about healthy weight loss and diet. The information is provided to you in a way of weight loss tips and dieting discussions. As eating a healthy diet is essential for our well being, the blog offers many yummy and healthful recipes.

Since you are on the “About Page”, you are probably wondering why I decided to run The Diet Chat blog. How did the chat blog come about? So let me tell you the story of its inception.

Several years ago my very best young friend (she is like a daughter to me) became pregnant with her first child. She was overjoyed. She loved life and above all, as soon as her morning sickness subsided, she loved to eat. Going to a restaurant with her was quite an experience. She did not hold back…

After the baby was born and the weight kept staying on she became quite concerned but not obsessed about losing it. She did not want to go on a diet because she was nursing her baby and she wanted to become pregnant shortly after. She vowed to begin a diet and lose all she gained after the second baby will stop nursing.

The second baby came… My friend’s blubber “blossomed” some more and it stubbornly stuck to her.

My young friend transformed into a different person. Over-sized shirts and sweaters became her trademark. She became withdrawn, often sad and definitely a person without any self esteem. Even her relationship with her husband suffered. She was embarrassed to be seen without her clothes on…

My dear friend tried to diet, but the results were not very encouraging. After a few unsuccessful dieting attempts. I decided to have a chat with her. Fortunately she was receptive to help.

Now, you have to understand, I am not a dietitian or a nutrition specialist. But I have a Ph.D. in health sciences and research is something I really enjoy doing.

I started an online search for a possible solution to my friend’s stubborn problem. The amount of information about weight loss was overwhelming. But little by little I was able to pass on helpful tips to my friend and she began to lose both, pounds and inches.

Her weight loss did not happen overnight but now, she is back to her pre-pregnancy weight and her body is in a better shape than it ever was.

During my research I came to the conclusion that there is just way too much info (lot of it is misinformation) for a normal person to digest. This gave me an idea to create a blog. A sort of a chat where I can serve my readers information that is easily understood, tips that are easy to follow, perhaps even a little humor to overcome the doldrum days, exercises that are not going to kill or hurt my readers and even some yummy and healthy recipes.

And so, was “born”. Subsequently, a corresponding Facebook page came to life.

These days, other members of the Diet Chat team contribute as well.

I hope you will find the information we share on this chat blog useful and mostly helpful.

If you are not be able to find an answer on The Diet Chat blog, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to give you an answer or direct you to a helpful resource.

To your success!

Dita from The Diet Chat blog
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