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7 Must Have Ingredients For Healthy Cooking Recipes

Today most of the chronic diseases are caused by poor food choices, toxic ingredients and nutritional deficiency. To beat the odds  of succumbing any of these diseases you need to take good care of what you cook and what eat. In today’s article I’ll share 7 must have ingredients for your healthy cooking recipes.

Naturally, having healthy ingredients is key to healthy cooking recipes and a healthy diet.

Healthy food is whole food that is unprocessed without preservatives and one that ads the flavor we all crave. When you eat well, you feel well. Lets look at some healthiest cooking ingredients to have in your kitchen.

The Best Ingredients To Have In Your Kitchen For Healthy Cooking Recipes

Olive Oil

Olive oil is number one on the list.It is considered the most healthy oil by many authorities including the American Heart Association. It is rich, flavorful and fragrant. Olive oil can be used in salads, marinades and sauces. It can also be used for flavoring at the end of cooking vegetables, pasta, poultry and fish and in pan cooking.

Premium extra virgin oil is nature’s finest because it is very low in acidity. Your next best choice is extra virgin olive oil which is slightly higher in acidity than the premium variety but still a fine choice and less expensive. In general, the deeper the color of the olive oil, the more flavorful it will be.

Many people purchase the large bottles to save money. But in my experience, I found that at times the oil goes rancid and thus it is not a saving if you are not using the oil fairly quickly.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt, particularly the non-fat variety, makes an excellent non-fat substitute for recipes that call for mayonnaise or sour cream. I often use yogurt in recipes such as sauces, marinades, dips and even some soups.It does give a slightly different taste to your recipe than, for example, sour cream would. But if you can accept the taste modification, go for it.

Of course, Greek yogurt is also perfect for breakfast or a snack anytime during the day.

Coconut Oil

Some cultures consider coconut “the tree of life” because of its abundant ultra-healing properties. In fact, because of this, coconut is considered a superfood.

Coconut oil is full of healing vitamins, nutrients and health promoting properties. The oil is a saturated fat but because of it unique saturation, it is good for us and not at all responsible for the problems that have been to the common saturated fats.

On the contrary, it has been shown that coconut oil protects you from infections (both viral and bacterial), it protects us from cancer, heart related maladies, gum disease, thyroid problems and much more.

In addition, it protects your skin and keeps it supple.



Onions add an incredible burst of flavor in many recipes and dishes, both in their  raw or cooked form. Whether is soups, stir fries, salads or burgers, onions offer you not only flavor, but very few calories, no fat and essential nutrients.

Onions help balance blood sugar. They contain anti-inflammatory properties and antibacterial properties to help the body fight against harmful bacteria.


Fresh garlic is one of the most cherished flavors on earth. It is used by countless different cuisines worldwide, to enhance and unlimited number of dishes and recipes.

Garlic is high in selenium which helps cleanse the blood, and in antioxidants that prevent oxidation. It also helps lower cholesterol and is essential for heart health in multiple ways because it contains powerful phytochemicals, powerful little molecules can impact your health in many amazing ways.

Garlic is low in calories and very rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and Manganese. It also contains trace amounts of various other nutrients.

In its raw state, soon after chopping, garlic provides the short lived gas, hydrogen sulfide that further protects the heart.

In short, this amazing product of nature helps to promote liver enzyme activity, it inhibits cholesterol synthesis, it reduces triglycerides and lowers blood pressure. In addition, garlic improves the function of your immune system. As well, garlic is known to fight infections and parasites.


Tomatoes are a must have ingredient for healthy cooking recipes in any kitchen, any time. Whether raw or cooked, from sauces to salads and snacks, they contain essential vitamins, copper, potassium, manganese, fiber and antioxidants.

The nutrients in this power plant food promote skin health, lower risk for various cancers, promote eye health, help to keep healthy blood pressure,  and for people with diabetes it promotes healthy weight and healthy blood sugars

In conclusion, apart from these 7 must have ingredients for healthy cooking recipes, there are other healthy ingredients you may want to include in your cuisine. One, which I consider a must have, is cayenne pepper. Not only does this spice rev up metabolism (by as much as 25%), it cleans the arteries and keeps your heart healthy.  If you can get used to its strong spiciness, it really is a must. It is in my kitchen!


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